How To Become A Master Electrician – the steps you’ll need to take

The path you need to follow in order to become a Master Electrician is one that will require you to work hard. You will need to do your best, put in your hours, climb more than one ladder and study hard.

Being a Master Electrician requires you to be able to run your own business, or work professionally for a major company. You may even be required to take on an apprentice later on, so you should be confident in your skills and your knowledge of the National Electrical Code.

How To Become A Master ElectricianThe requirements for obtaining a Master Electrician license differ between States, and the length of time it takes to become licensed differs as well. You will need to find out the exact details for the State you aim to operate in, but the following information should be able to give you a general idea as to what to expect.

The Master Electrician Salary

The average annual salary earned by a Master Electrician is depended on the State you live in, the amount of experience you have, and the hourly rate of the company you work for. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the State with the lowest paying rate is North Carolina. The highest paying State is Alaska, and second in line is New York.

Master Electricians earn more than journeymen and apprentices. If you take on an apprentice, his/her salary will be calculated according to your hourly fee.

Whether you are a specialized or general electrician also affects your annual income. Some sector’s Master Electricians earn higher salaries than others. It is estimated that salaries can range between $36 000 per year, to $83 000 per year.

To better estimate the income you will earn as a Master Electrician, you need to take your region, your specialization, your experience and your sector into account.

Better yet, speak to a local Master Electrician. He/she will be able to give you an idea of the market pertaining to your region.

Steps To Becoming A Master Electrician

A Master Electrician is classified to be someone who has years of experience behind them, and who has held a valid license for a set number of years.

Your first order of business would be to get a GED or high school diploma. In most States, this is a necessity and cannot be bypassed.

The next step is to find a course of study in the electrical field that suits your passion. Trade schools vary in quality and quantity (according to the field you choose), so be sure to take your time while researching a school that will meet your studying needs. Local unions could also point you in the right direction.

Finding an appropriate apprenticeship would be the next logical step. Apprenticeships make up the most part of the supervised hours you will need on record in order to be issued a license, so this is very important.

You can apply for an electrician’s license once you have completed an apprenticeship, as well as passed a course from a recognized trade school. More often than not, you will need to take a formal test at your State’s licensing department before being issued a license. In most cases, this test is aimed at your knowledge of the National Electrical Code handbook, so be sure to study this properly.

After you have been issued a journeyman license, you will have to work full time for a certain amount of years (find out the exact amount for your State from your local authorities). When applying for a Master Electrician license, you will most likely have to take another exam, and you will have to prove your years of amassed experience.

How Many Years Does It Take To Become A Master Electrician?

This is relative to the State you are operating in. On average, it should take about seven years from the moment you have obtained your high school diploma or General Equivalent. This number includes your schooling, your apprenticeship and your work experience as a licensed journeyman electrician.

How Does An Electrical Contractor Become A Master Electrician?

Once again, this is individual to the State you are working in. Generally, you would have to amass a certain amount of practical hours or years in the field, and you will be required to prove your age and qualifications. You will also need to provide your valid electrical contractors license.

Once you meet the criteria, you will most likely have to take an exam to qualify for a Master Electrician license.

The title of Master Electrician is a prestigious one, and proves your dedication to the field. It will require a lot of hard work, and a genuine passion for all things electricity. If you put in your hours and do your part, you should have no problem in gaining this highly valued license.

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